Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chicko Sticks

Butter Fingers are great. A candied log covered in chocolate cannot go wrong.

Unless It's summertime.

Then it usually goes wrong within a matter of minutes of heat exposure.

This summer I was sitting in my apartment wishing for melt-proof Butter Fingers. Deep down I knew it was the chocolate that was the Butter Finger's downfall, but I couldn't concede to the obvious so easily. I thought, and I thought. Instead of leaving me with this dilemma indefinitely, divine intervention came to my aid in the form of Dan Stevens (Also the giver of the Chocolate Orange.).

Dan gave me a Chicko Stick. A Chicko Stick is essentially a Butter Finger without chocolate. It can be exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity levels without taste alteration.

It is, in short:


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