Wednesday, March 26, 2008


At a smaller grocery store in Jerusalem, I picked up a candy bar called Tortit. The packaging describes its contents as being a “coated wafer bar with almond cream.” The candy bar is about the length of my hand, so it looks like a nice item to fill up my tummy with, but I forget that wafers aren’t that heavy and Tortit bars are simply wafers coated in chocolate with almond cream- the packaging did not lie.

The bar was very light, but had a delicate taste of almond. It was very sweet, but still definitively almond. The thin layer of chocolate was not overpowering, but instead it complimented the almond cream nicely.

Tortit is a nice Israeli chocolate bar, but it will not fill you up. It’s simple, but pretty tasty. It’s nothing outstanding, but it’s worthwhile to try.

6.5 of 10

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