Friday, February 29, 2008


I'm currently studying abroad in Jerusalem and I've made it part of my morning ritual that I snag 2-3 pieces of halivah before I start my day. Some pronounce this little treat Halvah but I prefer Halivah. So yeah.

Halivah is a pressed sesame seed treat. It's a little bit gritty and crumbly, but that makes it break into natural tiny portions. Unlike most Western candies that I'm used to, this wasn't terribly sweet. Halivah has just the tiniest bit of sweet- just enough to keep it from being too bland or bitter. It is a little bland, but this downside is overcome with "developing a taste" for the sesame flavor.

My biggest qualm (and perhaps it is a trivial one) with halivah is that it is a little dry and that its brittle nature causes it to get stuck in your teeth in a most uncomfortable way. Otherwise it's a delicious treat that you can eat for breakfast without feeling guilty.

This treat is not exclusive to Israel, but I'm sure that you can get it in any grocery store that carries a decent foreign aisle of foods. I wouldn't be surprised if Wegmans carried a few varieties of halivah.

6.2 out of 10